Whether your rich or poor, your here for a reason. Everyone have their own world and their own decisions. It is up to you how to live life. You choose how to build it, live it, or even who to have in it.

We all start at a certain point. That point was the results of your parents world. You can sit there and complain about a previous generation or you can do what you wished your parents have done to give you a higher start point. 

Whining is the worst foundation you can have to start building a better life. Believing in your self is the number one rule to a better future. There is nothing someone else did you cannot do.

A percentage of us got a better start point than others. Maybe some of us calls it luck but in reality they inherited from a family that had a goal. 

I am Abdallah Al Abdeen and this is my concept for a better life. 


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